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There is a dangerous atmosphere at Stonygates, a centre for young riminals. When Miss Marple visits her friend there she can sense the danger, too. One evening during her stay someone shoots at the administrator of the centre. He is not injured, but a visiting relative is shot dead at the same time in another part of the building. Could this be a coincidence? Miss Marple must solve the mystery.

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When Victoria Jones, a young Englishwoman, follows her new love interest to Baghdad, she has no idea what adventure is waiting for her. A very important international meeting is planned there, but a secret organization wants to sabotage it. When a man dies in Victoria''s hotel room, he whispers three words to her: "... Lucifer... Basrah ... Lefarge…". What do these words mean? And what does..

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Six people sit down for dinner at a table laid for seven. No one can forget the night almost exactly a year ago that Rosemary Barton died at this same table surrounded by the same people, her beautiful face turned blue with cyanide poison. Rosemary had always been memorable - and people had strong reactions to her. Did one of the six people at dinner feel strongly enough about her to kill her?

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